sig p365 15 round magazine



sig p365 15 Round Magazines

sig p365 15 round magazine

NEWINGTON, N.H., (May 28, 2019) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce a capacity expansion to the award-winning everyday carry, high capacity, P365 pistol with the introduction of a 15-round, patented, double-stack magazine, which will also fit the soon-to-be-released P365XL (details coming soon.)

sig p365 15 round magazine

The SIG SAUER P365 15 round magazine provides an additional 5 rounds to the P365 everyday carry pistol, and maximizes the pistol’s versatility. The increased capacity of the 15-round magazine allows for additional ammunition for everyday carry, longer practice times, less reloads, and increased grip purchase.

The 15-round magazine ships with an installed baseplate to fit a standard P365, and comes with an additional baseplate that can be easily installed to all XSERIES P365 models.

The height measurements and capacity of the P365 pistols with the varying SIG SAUER P365 magazines are as follows:

Chart as follows - row#1 - Magazine: Flush Fit Magazine (ships with pistol) Pistol Height (with magazine): 4.3inches Capacity: 10+1 - row#2 - Magazine: 10-round Extended (ships with pistol) Pistol Height (with magazine): 4.5inches Capacity: 10+1 - row#3 - Magazine: 12-round Extended Pistol Height (with magazine): 4.7inches Capacity: 12+1 - row#4 - Magazine: 15-round Extended Pistol Height (with magazine): 5.5inches Capacity: 15+1

Does SIG make a 15 round magazine for the P365?

Designed for superior firepower and deep concealment, the Sig Sauer® P365™ 9mm 15-Round Magazine features a precision-engineered, nitride-coated steel body for lasting durability and reliable corrosion resistance.

How tall is the P365 with a 15 round magazine?

The 12-round extended magazine initially available for the P365 increased pistol height to 4.7 inches. Now, the new 15-round extended magazine increases that height again to a total of 5.5 inches.

How many mags come with SIG P365?

two 10-round magazines
The SIG Sauer P365 is a striker-fired subcompact semi-automatic pistol manufactured by SIG Sauer, intended for everyday carry. It is offered with Tritium XRAY3 Day/Night Sights and two 10-round magazines; one flush fit and the other with an extended finger tab, and a stainless steel frame with polymer grip module.

Does a sig P365 15 round magazine fit a P365XL?

The installed baseplate leaves no gap when inserted into a standard P365. sig p365 15 round magazine also ships with an additional baseplate that can be easily installed to accommodate P365X and P365 XL pistols. The overall length of the magazine is extended an additional 1″ compared to the 10rd flush fit magazine.
What magazines will fit Sig P365?
sig p365 15 round magazine for the Sig Sauer P365 available.
  • Sig P365 10 Round Extended Magazine. A factory Sig Sauer 10 round extended magazine with optional finger rest.
  • Sig P365 10 Round Magazine. …
  • Sig P365XL 10 Round Magazine Flushfit. …
  • Sig P365 12 Round Magazine. …
  • Sig P365 17 Round Magazine.


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